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BMW Ironman 70.3 Taiwan

IRONMAN 70.3 Taiwan
November 2nd 2013 Taiwan

Kenting is located at the southern tip of Taiwan. The diversified terrain and tropical climate in this area have helped breed a rich and fertile vegetation ranging from upland to coast with a full variety of living species.

The historic region of Kenting on the Taiwanese south coast is a vacation delight for tourists and visitors alike, encompassing a large national park and home to a variety of wildlife and laid back atmosphere under the warm tropical sun. The two-lap swim course takes place in the small bay of Kenting surrounded by hillock. After the swim, cycling and running courses take competitors along the coastline of Hengchuen Peninsula to visit the beauty of southern Taiwan.

There are 30 qualifying slots to the IRONMAN World Championship 70.3 in Lake Las Vegas, Henderson, NV.

Race Day: November 2nd, 2013

Race Venue: Kenting, Hengchun Township, Taiwan

Distance: SWIM 1.9 km + BIKE 90.1 km + RUN 21.1 km = TOTAL 113.1 km (70.3 miles)

Capacity: 1,500 (Individual + Relay Team)

Rules: IRONMAN rules applied.

Cut-off Times:

Swim course will be CLOSED 1 hours and 10 minutes from start of race.
Bike course will be CLOSED 5 hours and 30 minutes from start of race.
Run course will be CLOSED 8 hours and 30 minutes from start of race.

Registration Requirements: The Minimum age for entry to the event is 18 years old on race day.

Groups: Age Group, Professional, and Relay Teams

土曜日, 11月 2, 2013